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Being a community animated by a collective gives our partners (TechforGood and Impact ventures) the agility they need.

Scaling as a Service

We make it simple and efficient, we start by setting the intention to be project-driven and ROI-focused.

Our approach is systemic

We are designing scaling plans, bring experienced experts/managers to execute them, would they be part-time/full-time, freelancers, entrepreneurs, future employees, volunteers joining our TechforGood partners to scale them sustainably to take on UN SDGs.

Contribution form of participants depends on the scaling plan, we focus on making the Transition happening by scaling TechforGood and Digitalising impactful organisations, contractual matters will follow.

We did it many many times

How many times did you design a scaling plan? Executed it? How many times did you find experienced experts and managers to execute it? How many times did you succeed in scaling your venture and how much did you learn from your mistakes? What are you the best at, what are you ready to share and how much trust do you have? How much space are you offering to  others willing to scale your Impact organisation of TechforGood venture? You will be a force of systemic change by scaling, are you ready?

What we offer organisations




Ideas without leadership leads to dreams. Conscious Leadership is what makes dreams come true and beneficial to Humanity and Nature at Large.

Who do you need to attract to build more consciousness and leadership in your organisation?

This is the beginning of a conversation we are having everyday with entrepreneurs.

How do we use our power?

During the last 25 years, many talented people and a lot of the expertise on Earth has been used for digitalizing our lifes, leading to new monopoles controlling our data, monetizing them, threatening some of us when misused by dictatorships. That leads to question how it has been done, what we can learn from that Scaling Tech Plan which worked well. But we now have the right to question the purpose of it and to focus on serving our own collective purpose. All that human power and machines available can now serve Sustainable Development Goals. We are now with MutualBenefits and JoinTheTransition engaging with brilliant and committed engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, technicians, in all key areas of carbon reduction in real estate, mobility, food and digitalization of our NGOs and not for profit organisations, so they can work locally and globally with populations to make life on Earth a pleasant, constructive, restorative and respectful journey.

We do it and you?

We have no choice. Humanity is at risk. Oceans are acid, soils are no longer fertile, extinction is happening as we speak. we know what needs to be done. It’s defined in the UN SDGs. On which side of the equation do we want to be? As individuals and organisation? At MutualBenefits, we made a choice and started to contribute. And you?

Scaling Transition as a Service



step 1

Active Listening / Enquiry

Our ancestors taught us that with 2 ears, 2 eyes and one month, we benefit a lot from spending 80% actively listening and 20% of the time talking. Our ancestors can be proud of us. We are interested in designing for active listening and shared intuition leads us to design resilient scaling plans and tactics.

step 2

Scaling strategy & tactics

Imagine you have much more power that you currently have, you have some distance, you have access to a lot experience, you gather a lot empathy for your project and some techniques to make your ambition a reality : what would you do all of these assets? How do you feel now that you are having them in your toolbox? How much can you experiment and make agility your friend when you have a sparring partner next to you for scaling?

step 3

Prototyping & testing

We don’t know what we don’t know. It’s our duty to experiment and learn. We started in life by blowing and screwing things up, we survived, we fell on our knees, we stood up, using a fork was not as easy as our hand at the beginning, we learned how to feed ourselves, how to move, how to engage. Everything you have learned and we all have learned is telling us one thing : fail and learn. This is what we do with entrepreneurs ready for scaling their impact. And we fail. And we learn together. And we bring that to the next one. Again, and again and again.

step 4


When was the last time you found yourself satisfied and complete with your first attempt to do something? If it happens a lot to you : you may be a genius and then look at some aspects of your life where your genius finds its limits. Or maybe you are not exploring enough. In both cases, we are happy to open a dialogue with you about what iterating means and brings to any aspect of your scaling plan.

Who we are

MutualBenefits is a European collective of sparring partners scaling #TechforGood, Positive economy and Impact players, initiated by Yann Mauchamp, an Internet pioneer (co-founder of Club-Internet, FR) and sparring partner of more than 100 Tech & Digital Entrepreneurs since Mosaic 0.9.

We work with inspiring entrepreneurs and investors to design their ventures, pivot, scale, enrich their companies’ visions and execution, in order for TechforGood to thrive.

Our learnings during this journey allows you to honor and reinforce Tech ventures serving Humanity and Nature at Large. If you share our vision, let’s do it together.

You are welcome to join us!



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