WHO WE ARE - Mutual Benefits
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Our international presence becomes yours

Meet our dedicated team of market experts and advisors who will assist you on every step of your international growth. We share best practices and open doors to selected contacts and opportunities in Europe and around the world.

We are a partnership of international growth advisors who work closely with fast growing companies and their investors since 2002. We have operations in more than 25 countries, covering 3 continents and have successfully guided over 300 start-ups and companies through growth and international expansion.

Our Leading Team


Yann Mauchamp


Yann has advised more than 60 startup founding and management teams or their boards. Most of them have outpaced their competition on metrics such as velocity, scalability, year-on-year growth, profitability and successful exits.


Andrea Vaugan


German, based in Paris. Andrea has more than 15 years of experience in french-german digital marketing, communication, international business development and project management. Andrea is fluent in German, French and English.

Photo David Regler

David Regler


British, based in London. David has over 25 years commercial experience within technology and B2B services companies. He has advised and worked with over 30 startups, predominantly SaaS and digital brands, from early stage through to successful exit. David is focused on market development and revenue growth.


Tuncay Eldek


German, based in Paris. Tuncay is a internet professional with a very strong expertise in international e-commerce development, digital marketing and project management. Tuncay is fluent in German, French and English.


Marty Huisman


Dutch, based in Normandy and Paris. Experience in the main European markets and in the USA. Active in commercial development of large and small technology companies since 1992. B2B Saas, telecom, medical systems, CRM, marketing automation. Fluent in Dutch, English, French and German.

Sebastian Becker

Sebastian Becker


German, based in Munich. Focus on business models for digital and interactive (pay)TV as well as broadband and other convergent platforms. Lobby and research work on a broad range of topics including hardware, software, business models, content and advertisements and their interaction in the future TV world.



Frédéric Lechevalier


French, based in Normandy and Paris. Frédéric is a serial entrepreneur in the media industry since more than 15 years. He is focused on corporate finance, international expansion & business development strategy for digital businesses.

A personalized approach to make you succeed,

leaned on the best local advisors you can work with!