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“As a principle, we don’t work with head hunters or recruiting firms. But Mutual Benefits is different. They combine a very good understanding of our business with a cooperative approach in finding the perfect individual for the job. Especially when it comes to recruiting for internationalization, Yann Mauchamp and his team are the people to talk to. They found just the right person for a key position in our fast growing company.”

“We contracted with Mutual Benefits as we wanted to reach out to new international markets.

Yann and Andrea have been of great support from the initiation to execution of our international development plan. We strongly recommend them if you wish to succeed in expanding your operations on an international scale.”

Markus Witte, CEO


Adrien Ledoux, CEO


“Everybody here was very satisfied with all the work you’ve done – and me of course, too!”

“Yann and Andrea helped us find our Sales Director for the DACH region. In this important step for Dimelo, they have been very committed. From screening and reference checks to providing the right KPIs to choose the final candidate, their professionalism has been consistent. And they’re a joy to work with!”

Claudia Helming, CEO


Stéphane Lee, CEO


“Yann and Andrea helped us finding a Country Manager for France. Their support was very professional and enthusiastic. They have a great network and invaluable know-how when it comes to recruiting for internationalization. Thank you for your dedication.”

“Yann and his team worked with us several months in order to rationalize, better organize and prepare our technical and data teams to set-up the appropriate architecture post-acquisitions. They offered us a unique combination of strategic alignment, technical and management advice and actionable workplan for us to implement and did several follow-up sessions, to evaluate with us the implementation and fine-tune, when needed. I highly recommend Mutual Benefits for any digital company facing similar challenges.”

Dirk Prössel, CEO

Finanzen AG

Jerome Chasques, CEO

compassu / comparadise

“I worked with Yann and his team during a recruitment project for an international sales director. Due to Yann’s entrepreneurial spirit and his expertise in digital business he understood very fast what kind of profile we were looking for. Due to the broad network of Mutual Benefits, Yann was able to present candidates – that were fitting very well – short term. Finally it was a pleasure working with Yann – very pleasant, passionate and professional.”

“Andrea and her team helped us to build up a very professional, strategic & robust content marketing approach for the German market. With a lot of best practice insights, dedication and content adaptations we could boost our lead generation, communication and positioning in the D-A-CH region. Their excellent business-network on both sides of the river Rhine helped us to speed up and get more done in less time.”

Thomas Gruber, CSO

Wer liefert was?

Timo von Focht, CM DACH

Commanders Act

“We chose Mutual Benefits to help us with our French market entry due to their recognized expertise in this specialty area. In a short time, they arranged numerous business meetings with relevant decision-makers in qualified media groups and trade associations in France. The result for us was instant access to a great network of potential business partners.”

“Yann and Andrea made a thorough analysis of The Green Data’s potential in the German market. They have been very efficient in bringing the right level of information, insights, and contacts for us to establish our first go-to-market plan there. Should we need to dig into foreign markets in the future, we will certainly use the services of Mutual Benefits again.”

Dominik Matyka, CEO


Jérémie Wainstain, CEO

The Green Data

“Mutual Benefits performed a very comprehensive and structured research of suitable partners and contacts, and left few stones unturned in getting our foot in the door in the French market, which was very helpful for us. We now have a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the French market and a helpful list of contacts to expand our business. As thus, we feel that the money was well invested and we would have had trouble getting in touch with publishers and retailers in France without Mutual Benefits support.”

“We reached out to Mutual Benefits to define a new sales strategy and optimize our sales activities in the German speaking markets (DACH). Yann, Sebastian and Andrea made a thorough and excellent analysis of the situation; we were then able build with their support a solid action plan to accelerate our development in this strategic market. We highly recommend Mutual Benefits to companies willing to accelerate their international development in Europe.”

Christoph Marx, Founder


Guillaume Belmas, CEO


“…. Yann was the perfect door opener for the French market.”

“Yann and Andrea have been great advisors for us.
We benefited from their in-depth knowledge of the digital landscape, to foster our market positioning, allowing us to reach the next level of our growth.
We particularly appreciated their perfect understanding of our context and their ability to adapt quickly and focus on pragmatic and relevant solutions.”

Samy Liechti, CEO


Habibou M’Baye, CEO


“Yann is a powerhouse of passion but at the same time has a cool level head. He is someone i would always recommend to work with and he was crucial to completing this project quickly with its many loose ends.”

“Yann was an appreciated advisor to the board and investors of Web Of Trust, when we in 2014 were identifying the path forward to further accelerate user adoption and monetization”
More information on Web Of Trust and Open Ocean Capital

Anil Hansjee, Head of Corporate Development – EMEA

Google Inc


Tom Henriksson, VC investor

Web Of Trust board member

Web of Trust

“Yann is extremely passionate, motivated and always manages to be at the cutting edge of innovation and in the “know”. You won’t find a better connected person – especially in the French technology scene. He’s generous with his network, knowledge and always willing to share his experiences.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Yann helped amiando making France the second largest market for our company. He’s been advocating our event management solution since the early days of our company. He’s also someone pleasant to work. I recommend Yann!”

Maria Sipka, COO


Felix Haas, CEO


“Very professional and responsive relationship. I like very much working with Yann, and recommend talking to him should you need a partner.”

Dominique Chatelin VP worldwide e.Commerce sales, Netscape Communication Corp (business partner)

“Yann has been a reliable, trustworthy and immensely rewarding business partner and friend, highly network in France and Europe. It’s always a pleasure to tap into his extensive experience and knowledge.”

Peter Rost Management Profiler, Business Coach, CST – Change Management Team (business partner)